Second star to the right and straight on to style! by Trista Posted on 05 Feb 11:25 , 0 comments

Second star to the right and straight on to style! In honor of the 64th anniversary of the release of Disney’s “Peter Pan,” we’ve gathered up a collection of pixie-dusted Peter Pan goodies, perfect for the next time you set sail on Peter Pan’s Flight! {Read More}

Main Street Windows No. 1 by Terri Posted on 04 Feb 00:00 , 0 comments

Have you ever noticed the windows while walking down Main Street?  These windows pay tribute to the important people in Disney history.

The tradition of receiving a Window was established by Walt Disney for the park.  He personally selected the names that would be revealed on opening day. {Read More}

2319! We have a 2319! by Trista Posted on 02 Feb 16:21 , 1 comment

On Sunday, we’ll have our very own, real live 2319, with the date 2/3/19… get it?!?

We think a Monster, Inc./Monsters University movie marathon is definitely in order!

And why not add in one of these fun ways to put a little more scream energy into your celebration? {Read More}

February Disney Calendar Posted on 01 Feb 07:02 , 0 comments

There are so many Disney dates and anniversaries it's hard to keep track, and you know how us Disney fans love to celebrate all the little things. Terri from our Happy Place Creative team will be keeping us posted with these adorable monthly calendars! We'd love to see what you do with these in your planners and/or if you use the dates to inspire a sketch for the day. You can use #happyplacemagic to share with us!

You can download your calendar [here].

For more fun with Disney history, you can check out these two really fun sites!

Disney History [here]. From this one, you can click on any day to get all the history for that day.

This Day in Disney History [here]. From this one, the link auto-directs to the current day every single day.

Instagram Live with Tangie Baxter as She Reviews Her Retreat No. 10 Journal from Disneyland Posted on 31 Jan 00:00 , 1 comment

Recently Tangie went live for the first time on our @artjournalingthemagic Instagram account (if you don't follow us on Instagram you should!). She reviews her retreat journal from retreat No. 10 where they were at Disneyland (and it looks like they had an amazing time!). Brittney Leavitt and James Burke were our guest teachers, they were absolutely marvelous.  We hope you enjoy!


Whosits and Whatsits Galore! January Style Board by Trista Posted on 26 Jan 12:50 , 1 comment

Whether you're planning on "Disneybounding"* for a visit to the parks, or just want to add a little island Wayfinder style to your everyday life, we've rounded up ocean's worth of Moana's goodies. You're welcome! {Read More}

2019-2020 Retreat Season Announced! Posted on 25 Jan 10:57 , 0 comments

Good news! We just announced our 2019-2020 Retreat season. And it's easier than ever to reserve your spot! You can check out all the details here!

Our New Year's Resolution Posted on 19 Jan 12:33 , 0 comments

The month of January is full of excitement. There’s been the buzz of the holidays and the dreams of new years resolution to get us pumped for a brand new year. But what about when life takes over and things seem a little daunting? Well as Uncle Walt would say “If you can dream it, you can do it!” Our new year's resolution for 2019 is to help you achieve your dreams! And oh boy have we got some AMAZING things lined up for you. Here are 5 ways that the whole Art Journaling the Magic crew want to help you make your dreams come true.
Art Journaling the Magic Live Retreat
There are still a few spots left for our February retreat! We will be playing at Walt Disney World and exploring every magical nook and cranny through art. Come meet new friends, get away for an art-cation and see the world through the eyes of a little child once more.
Happy Place Subscription:
Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog! While the Happy Place may not be the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse it sure is close. And what’s even better is it got a makeover for 2019! From Sketch Challenges to Disney inspired recipes to magical playlists- there is something for everyone! Each month we explore a phrase from a Disney movie or song and give it magical meaning in our lives. It’s a perfect way to set aside some magical minutes for yourself to play, do art and be online with friends.
A Walk In The Park: Walt Disney World
Whether you are an Art Journaling the Magic veteran or still aren’t sure what all the fuss is about- A Walk in the Park: Walt Disney World is perfect for you. We explore techniques used at the live retreats and use them to draw our favorite WDW attractions. We’ve already got tons of lessons up and there are more where that came from!
A Walk in the Park: Just for Kids
If you need something for your cute kiddos to do or if they want to art journal with you then we have got just the thing! A Walk in the Park: Just for Kids is for kids by kids! Not only do you get lessons from Tangie, Sammy, and Dave- you also get exclusive bonus videos from Tangie’s nieces.
Golden Books, Stickers, and more!
Journals, stickers, and prints oh my! As always our main shop has goodies to satisfy your artist cravings. Whether you need a new journal or some fun stickers designed by Tangie we have got the thing for you! We are always adding new covers for our signature Golden Book Journals by Dave. Don’t see what you like? We do custom too! Let us know if you have a special request and we will see what we can do!
So come play with us and make your dreams come true! And just remember

Art Journaling the Magic No. 8 Recap! Posted on 30 Nov 00:00 , 0 comments

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible!

Our first retreat of the 2018-2019 season was a blast and truly magical. Mindy Lacefield came to play as our guest teacher. We discovered something even more magical when we realized that it was our 5 year anniversary! What?!?! Tangie told us the story of how Art Journaling the Magic came to be and we wanted to share that with you.


We’ve come a long way (literally across the country!) since the first Art Journaling the Magic and we plan to go further still!

AJTM No. 8 was truly magical. We started off the week with our opening night party at Earl of Sandwich with TONS of goodies. Including custom AJTM ears from Tangie and a bag of surprises by Mindy. 


Over the next few days, we explored Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and the Magic Kingdom. We loved every moment of it.

As Tangie’s says “No two retreats are the same!” so we can’t wait to see how the next one goes. Make sure to check all of our retreat options so you can join in on the fun!

Retreat Season Fall 2018- Winter 2019 Posted on 14 Nov 11:31 , 0 comments

Last week was our first retreat of the season, and it was AMAZING! We met so many wonderful ladies (1 even came from Australia and 1 from England). There is nothing, nothing in this world quite like creating art together at the Disney parks. Many of us talked about how healing it is, you feel like a little girl again, giddy in a world where anything is possible. A place where there is magic if you know where to look. We'd love to have you join us for the adventure! Each of the remaining retreats has about 2 spots left! Won't you join us? We want to experience the magic with YOU!