Whosits and Whatsits Galore! Toy Story Style Board by Trista Posted on 21 Aug 19:18

You've got a friend in theses adorable toy story outfits! You can rock your Disney bound to infinity and beyond! {Read More} 

Dream, See, Write, Live Your Story Posted on 9 Feb 02:00

Recently, while browsing around the Disney YouTube page we found the most AMAZING song ever and knew we had to share! 

 If you don't know who Auli'i Cravalho is- she is Moana! Yep, that's right, that cute smiling face is our favorite ocean loving princess. This song is part of Disney's new "Dream Big Princess" series and we are in LOVE. It's all about taking the stories of Disney princesses and using them to inspire your life.

That being said, this song is what we are really excited about! Just look at some of the lyrics--

Not just a fighter
Not just a dreamer
Amazing creator
Relentless believer
In who I am and what I got inside

Amazing creator. Does that sound like Art Journaling the Magic gold or what? So our question for you is-- what is your story? Creation is a part of us, isn't it? So let's create! Share your art with us using #artjournalingthemagic on Instagram and we will feature your story! 

Here are a few journal page ideas:

  1. How do you defy the impossible?
  2. Draw yourself inside a mirror- then write the affirmation "I am a beautiful treasure" all around it!
  3. What Disney princess inspires you to dream big?
  4. What do the words "dream, write, see, live" mean to you and your story?


Second star to the right and straight on to style! by Trista Posted on 5 Feb 13:25

Second star to the right and straight on to style! In honor of the 64th anniversary of the release of Disney’s “Peter Pan,” we’ve gathered up a collection of pixie-dusted Peter Pan goodies, perfect for the next time you set sail on Peter Pan’s Flight! {Read More}

2319! We have a 2319! by Trista Posted on 2 Feb 18:21

On Sunday, we’ll have our very own, real live 2319, with the date 2/3/19… get it?!?

We think a Monster, Inc./Monsters University movie marathon is definitely in order!

And why not add in one of these fun ways to put a little more scream energy into your celebration? {Read More}