About Us

It has been a dream come true to become a full time artist and workshop instructor! I love art journaling with all my heart and it has changed my life in so many ways that I feel inadequate to express myself properly (better done through my art!). I want to share my passion with you, my excitement and my energy for a way of life that I know changes people, makes lives better and heals hearts. It’s also so incredibly satisfying to be in touch with our creative reservoir which I believe strongly that EVERY person has running deep inside of them.

A wee bit about me? I live in sunny Arizona (a 6 hour drive to Disney!). My talented hubby (Dave) makes all the journals in our Etsy shop and helps me run Artspiration Studio. We have a soon to be eighteen year old daughter (how did that go so fast?).  We all consider ourselves “geek chic” and love the quirkiness of being Disney fans.

Dave and I have been to the parks more times than we can count (as has my daughter, of course). We each started going with our families as very young children! The earliest memory I have of Disneyland is sitting on my grandpa’s lap as he was explaining to me all about the different tickets and how it was important that he hold my ticket book because we didn’t want to lose our E tickets! I remember being filled with wonder and excitement at what the day would bring. I remember buying a tiny windup “It’s a Small World” music box that wound up on the side, and I remember playing with it laying on the floor in my house for years afterwards. I could go on for ages about all the years, all the memories I have. 

For now, what fills me with the most excitement are the memories that are about to happen. I am so thrilled about these workshops that it’s hard for me to sleep at night because my mind reels with all the possibilities, all the magic.

Here's to you, Magicteer (that is what we call ourselves around here),


Mindy is a full-time mixed media artist who lives in central Arkansas with her husband and two poodles, Merlin and Sammy.

"I am inspired to create through the eyes of my 8 year old self and exploring the simple times of getting out into nature. The first dream I remembered having was to work for Disney marketing but this creative journey had its own way of revealing itself. To be able to fuse the two dreams together has been on my short list of intentions for awhile now. Let’s art journal the magic and let your imagination soar! What better place for your dreams to come true than Walt’s own creation".

Nicole Siscaretti, sometimes known as @SparklyNicole, is a dreamer and doer. She writes the fairytale inspired SparklyEverAfter.com, is a social media marketing teacher and consultant and plans to launch another iPhone photo app class in 2015. She's usually found in a Disney Park. SparklyEverAfter.com

Sammy Baxter is Tangie & Dave's daughter. Her artwork is loved by everyone at the retreats and her style is all her own. She graduated high school early to follow her artistic passions. Sammy is an aspiring makeup artist, songwriter and author. She also loves to play the guitar and piano. We're excited that she will be sharing "super speed" videos with us of some of her pages, while she won't be talking in these videos, we're excited that she will be sharing her "homework" with us as a student/guest teacher. You can find her on her blog SammyBaxterArt.com.



Savanna Rodriguez is a working mother to one rambunctious boy. She grew up a short drive from Disneyland and remembers seeing The Little Mermaid on the big screen as being the first moment she felt the Disney Magic. Ever since she's been trying to capture that feeling with each piece of art she makes. Self taught and driven, Savanna is grateful to have the chance to practice and improve everyday. You can find her on Instagram @ArtSavanna and on her Etsy site [here].


We thought it was high time for Dave to join us as an official teacher! He's done several videos for our online class, creates all the amazing journals we use in our videos (and for sale in our shop), and he is a huge help at our live retreats! He loves creative work and his dream is to be a full time artist, creating hand bound journals all day long! He has been a Disney fan since he was a young child. True story: Tangie knew he  "was the one" when he started singing "Femininity" along with her from the movie Summer Magic unrehearsed. Disney has been a huge part of their life from the very beginning.