Be Part of the Magic!

Welcome to Art Journaling the Magic. My mission is simple, I want to help you find the passion for your dreams using art journaling and sketchbooks as a simple place to begin. These journals go from holding lifeless blank paper to limitless imaginative ideas, magic, memories and possibilities! I want to personally invite you to join me for "A Walk in the Park", our online classes and/or one of our on location retreats at the Disney parks in California. All of these workshops focus on the magic of Disney as a place born of determination and imagination. Many people have had huge dreams but Walt Disney took action and moved forward in his. We can learn many great lessons from the dreams he brought to life. Become a child again and enjoy Disney like you never have before, documenting the “magic”, art journaling & sketchbook style. Join me as we slow down, notice the small details and are swept up in the energy of innovation, invention and creativity. It is my sincerest hope that you may even find a huge boost of inspiration and encouragement to follow your own dreams.

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