Two Brand NEW Online Sketchbook Classes! Posted on 1 Aug 18:10

I feel like Rapunzel today, I want to shout "BEST DAY EVER!". I'm so giddy to announce that we have TWO brand new online classes!

[Memory Lane, Attractions of the Past] Sketchbook Class

If you loved the original "A Walk in the Park Online Sketchbook Adventure & Tour" you don't want to miss this spectacular add-on class! We will take a trip down "Memory Lane" to beloved Disneyland attractions long gone, learning the history of vintage rides while using NEW techniques not covered in other classes. 

For a limited time, if you purchase "Memory Lane" you will also get our new kids class FREE! 

[Just for Kids Art Journaling & Autograph Books] Sketchbook Class

Kids LOVE to do art! What better way to feed their love of Disney and being creative? They'll also learn how to turn their journals into custom made autograph books. This super kidtastic class is all inclusive and perfect for kids 03-103; it includes VERY BASIC watercolor instruction suitable for little hands. Advanced students will love it too, as an add-on to the original "A Walk in the Park Online Sketchbook Adventure & Tour".

Register by August 3rd, 2016 for this amazing 2-for-1 deal! These classes start on August 15th, but like all of our online classes, you can begin at any time after that date and work at your own pace. You automatically get lifetime access so you can revisit any lesson, any time!

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Happy Birthday Alice Posted on 28 Jul 18:38

The original Disney "Alice in Wonderland" movie was released on July 28, 1951, according to Disney, but there is also a release date of July 26.  So in honor of Alice's birthday, which ever date it is - I thought I would share some student sketches of Alice from the Walk in the Park online class. 

(by Jody L.)

(by Melissa)

(by Inthia S)

(by Trista H)

(by Denni B)

Please come and join us in the classroom, it is never too late to join.  Happy Birthday Alice.

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The Enchanted Tiki Room Posted on 23 Jun 20:52

The Enchanted Tiki Room attraction at Disneyland opened on June 23, 1963. Happy 52nd Birthday to our favorite birds, José, Michael, Pierre and Fritz! Their witty banter and the catchy melodies they sing, with the help of history making audio-animatronics, have made this a favorite Disney experience since childhood. Plus, who doesn't love a refreshing Dole Whip?!

Here's a look at some artwork from our Enchanted Tiki Room lesson in

(by teacher Tangie Baxter)

(student artwork by Dana W.)

(student artwork by Denni B.)

(student artwork by Inthia S.)

(student artwork by Jan N.)

(student artwork by Jody L.)

(student artwork by Kristen D.)

(student artwork by Leilani R.)

(student artwork by Leilani R.)

(student artwork by Lori C.)

(student artwork by Melissa B.)

(student artwork by Merrick D.)

(student artwork by Sylvia C.)

(student artwork by Terri P.)

(student artwork by Vanessa V.)

(by teacher Sammy Baxter)

This is just one of many stops on our tour of the park, and it's never too late to join the fun!
You can enroll *ANY TIME* in this online workshop for immediate and lifetime* access to all content!
*See the class description for full details and to register.

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What's been happening in "A Walk in the Park"? Posted on 19 May 16:35

(Student artwork by Denni B)

This is our "updates" log! We aren't even half way done with our class and look at all these lessons!

Welcome to "A Walk in the Park"
Meet Our Teachers
Meet 'n' Greet with Some GREAT Characters (YOU!)
FAQs & How to Use Ruzuku
Social Media Center

Front Gates Opened:

Supply List (What You Need to Get Started)
Tangie's "Art Journaling the Magic" Journals
Peerless Watercolors Travel Palette
Watercolors Using Water to Create Shades
Watercolors Gradients
Let's Put Water in our Brushes!
Crayola Watercolors Are Pretty Awesome
Travel Journal Kit Essentials
Watercolor Mini-Lessons No. 1: Bushes & Trees
Watercolor Mini-Lessons No. 2: Clouds & Sky Gradient
Watercolor Mini-Lessons No. 3: Backgrounds Around Objects
Helpful Tips No. 1: Using Your Phone Screenshots
BONUS MATERIAL: Night Pages & Crayon Resists
BONUS MATERIAL: Misc. Practice Pictures

Main Street Opened: Disneyland Railroad

Front Gates: Watercolor Mini-Lesson #4

Front Gates: Watercolor Mini-Lesson #5
Main Street: Tunnel on the Left

(student artwork by Maureen)

Front Gates: I updated the Bonus Materials Images to include web sized versions of ALL the photos for those on mobile devices who can't download the .zip file.

Main Street: City Hall (Simplifying & Speed Challenge)
Main Street: Main Street Cinema

Main Street: Opera House/Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

Main Street: Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor

Front Gates: Watercolor Mini-Lesson No. 6: Glowing Lanterns

Main Street: Carnation Cafe

Ticket Booths: Welcome to Class (NEW! Video added to the old Welcome Page)
Front Gates: Watercolor Mini-Lessons No: 7
Main Street: Jolly Holiday Bakery
Main Street: The Hub and Disneyland Map

(student artwork by Jody)

Front Gates: Watercolor Mini-Lessons No: 8
Adventureland: Entrance/Walkway

Adventureland: Enchanted Tiki Room

(student artwork by Melissa)

Adventureland: Jungle Cruise
Adventureland: Jungle Cruise SPECIAL PROJECT w/ ArtSavanna

Adventureland: Tarzan's Treehouse

Adventureland: Indiana Jones Adventure

New Orleans Square: May the Fourth be with You BONUS

New Orleans Square: Haunted Mansion

(student artwork by Inthia)

MOTHER'S DAY BREAK (Use this time to catch up)

Front Gates: Watercolor Mini-Lessons No: 9 Bricks and Splatter
Front Gates: Watercolor Mini-Lessons No: 10 Fire

New Orleans Square: Pirates of the Caribbean
(student artwork by Jan)

New Orleans Square: Blue Bayou
New Orelans Square: Club 33
Critter Country: Entrance
Critter Country: Splash Mountain

Critter Country: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
(student artwork by Nicole)
(student artwork by Susan)
Did you know that you get lifetime* access to the class? It's not to late to join us! (*see class description for details).

Why Disneyland? Part 1 Posted on 16 Apr 17:48

One of the questions we are asked most frequently about A Walk in the Park - an online sketchbook adventure and tour of Disneyland is, “What about Walt Disney World?”.

  • What if you are going to Disney World, not Disneyland on your next vacation?
  • What if you’ve never been to Disneyland before?
  • What if you like Disney World better and wish the class was about *that* park?
  • What if you’ve never been to any of the parks and don’t think you will be able to go in the near future?
  • Why not include both parks in this class?

To the bigger question, “Is A Walk in the Park the right class for me?”, our answer is a resounding YES!!! We think you will LOVE it no matter which of these situations applies to you.

Why? There are many reasons this class is based on Disneyland, including the fact that this is the park Tangie has been to countless times (literally too many to count in her lifetime!) and she has been to Disney World only once, 19 years ago. Disneyland is where her passion for all things Disney and her fascination with the magic of Walt’s vision came to life. We will share additonal reasons in future blog posts.

More importantly, we would like to be sure you understand the true purpose and content of this online workshop:

  1. ART. We want to teach you about art journaling, what it is, how to use a travel journal, basic water coloring skills, and what supplies you need to accomplish this. The concepts you will learn apply to ANY park, destination, or location you can dream up! Since first using her travel journal at Disneyland, Tangie now takes one with her wherever she goes, including Seattle, Colorado, her favorite Mexican food restaurant, and even her own backyard!

  2. JOURNALING. We will teach you how to identify your dreams and find motivation to follow them! Tangie shares journaling ideas, dream spilling prompts, and fun activities to help you enjoy the journey of life with more passion. As Disney lovers, we can’t think of a better place to do this than the incredibly happy park where Walt Disney himself used his hands and heart to build from the ground up! Disneyland is where *his* dreams came to life, it is where he walked often and we can literally follow in his footsteps to tap into the rich history there.

The fun facts, attractions, photos and videos of Disneyland we share are just the icing on the cake. If you’ve never been there, this is your chance to learn about it! If you love it already, this is your chance to experience it in a brand new way. Also, the maps of Disneyland and Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom are pretty similar, our tour could easily take place at either park!

To sum it all up, two of Tangie’s biggest passions are art journaling and Disney. A Walk in the Park is where these wonderful worlds collide. Tangie shares her unique insights in hope that you will experience the magic of both in your own lives. We’d love to have you join us for this adventure!

A Walk in the Park is designed to begin at any time and you can go at your own pace with lifetime access to the classroom!

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