2319! We have a 2319! by Trista Posted on 2 Feb 18:21

On Sunday, we’ll have our very own, real live 2319, with the date 2/3/19… get it?!?

We think a Monster, Inc./Monsters University movie marathon is definitely in order!

And why not add in one of these fun ways to put a little more scream energy into your celebration?

2319 mocktain Disney's Lamplight Lounge photo by Tangie Baxter urban sketching

2319 Disney's Lamplight Lounge Urban SKetching

Straight from the Lamplight Lounge at Disney California Adventure is the 2319 mocktail. We don’t have the exact recipe, but with this list of ingredients, how can you go wrong??

Satisfy your movies munchies with a scream canister of Pringles.

Or go a healthier route, with a monstrously delicious Mike Wazowski fruit plate. Don’t forget the googly eye toothpicks!

Simple circle and rectangle sugar cookies become way more adorable when they’re decorated like our favorite Googly Bear or a warehouse full of doors.

Feeling crafty? Transform your unmatched socks into a cute octopus monster or two.

Or treat yourself to a manicure inspired by Mike & Sulley!

On Monday, things will be all clear, situation niner niner zero, so make the most of 2319 day--and let us know how you’re celebrating this once in a lifetime occasion!