Announcement about our Live Retreats... Posted on 19 Aug 17:51

Hello Magicteers! We've got some huge news about our LIVE retreats!

Have you been *thinking* about joining us in November? It might be the very best time to go (see announcement below). We'd love for you to come share in the magic with us at our "very merry celebration", work with other artists and meet brand new friends. There is still time to register and plenty of time to make your travel arrangements. Here's why you might want to jump in with both feet right now...

After much consideration, we have decided that we are taking a little hiatus from retreat planning. We will not be hosting a live retreat in the Spring of 2016 (and possibly not in the fall of 2016 either). It could be a year or more before we are on location again, we aren't sure when the next one will be. Next year is a very busy year for us as a family, lots of milestones coming up. We're excited to commit to spend more time together before our daughter leaves for college & volunteers for a church mission!

So don't delay... there has never been a better time to join us live!