Art Journaling The Magic 2 October 2014 Part 2 Posted on 7 Nov 03:01

You can read Part 1 of this review {here} which was posted earlier. Thursday was Day 3 of our great Halloweentime art journaling adventure. We all met up at the Main Street Train Station and a few of us worked in our journals while waiting to board. 20141009_114130 2014-10-09 11.45.58 2014-10-09 11.46.01 2014-10-09 13.30.34 2014-10-09 13.30.15
Here we are on the train! We took up an entire row and had a great time together seeing all the sights. This picture is a favorite! 2014-10-09 14.42.44

Later we all watched Mickey and the Magical Map together - love this show! Then we strolled over to Toon Town where we each shared a favorite page from our journals. It was very inspiring to watch how each person expressed themselves and their progress through their art pages. For many of us it was a very touching experience!

2014-10-09 17.26.12-1
We love the Golden Book Journals that Dave made for us!

2014-10-09 17.16.17 2014-10-09 16.26.32 2014-10-09 16.22.59 2014-10-09 17.50.36 20141009_175815

Friday we spent the day in California Adventure, where we all attended the Disney Animation Academy together - 4 times!!! Yes, we love it that much!

20141010_112504 2014-10-10 12.02.27 2014-10-10 12.01.15

They provide paper for you to use, but most of us sketched right inside our journals. We got to draw Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Baymax (before the movie was even released!) and Olaf.

2014-10-10 10.57.53-1 2014-10-10 10.57.25 2014-10-10 10.57.11 2014-10-10 10.57.04-2 2014-10-10 10.50.13-1

Later, we found a nice shady spot at Cocina Cucamonga near the Pacific Wharf to set up journal camp.

2014-10-10 15.09.50 2014-10-10 15.09.26 2014-10-10 15.51.18-2 2014-10-10 15.38.48 2014-10-10 15.53.07

We had a few special treats that afternoon. Sammy made one of her darling watercolor portraits of each of us and gave it to us as a gift! Aren't they great?!

2014-10-10 16.09.40-2 2014-10-10 16.09.34 2014-10-10 16.08.15 2014-10-10 16.08.03 2014-10-10 16.07.56 2014-10-10 16.07.50

...and Sammy and Stacy were celebrating their October birthdays that day. The mariachis happened to see the buttons Tangie got and serenaded us. There's no better place to celebrate than the Happiest Place on Earth!

2014-10-10 13.39.19 2014-10-10 16.03.18-1

We finished out our day together at the Aladdin musical and then played in Cars Land. It was a great day in CA!

2014-10-10 22.54.02-2

Saturday was the 5th and final day of our retreat. This was an extra bonus day the schedule allowed for and we were so happy everyone was able to stay! We were especially glad to have Susan fly in and join us for this one day option! She got right to work in her journal at our morning camp at the Riverbelle Terrace.

2014-10-11 11.30.44 2014-10-11 11.31.37-2 2014-10-11 11.31.25

Later we moved our camp over to the Big Thunder Ranch Halloween Carnival. We enjoyed working in our journals while watching the magic show, pumpkin carving, character greetings, and all kinds of other festive happenings.

2014-10-11 12.29.48-2 2014-10-11 13.01.05 2014-10-11 13.02.11 2014-10-11 13.00.36 

2014-10-11 13.00.46

We had 5 challenges to complete during the week, 1 for each day.

2014-10-11 13.23.24 2014-10-11 13.39.14 

Sarah came all the way from Australia!

2014-10-11 13.34.20

2014-10-11 13.24.27

The Day 2 Challenge was to draw "water". Lori had the perfect idea!

2014-10-11 13.39.26

The Day 1 Challenge was to draw a candy apple.

2014-10-11 13.23.59 2014-10-11 13.23.36

For our last evening together, we all met up in California Adventure for one last journal camp at the Paradise Garden Grill patio where we had front row viewing for the Pixar Parade. Then we made our way to the Wine Country Trattoria for a delicious 3-course meal and reserved seating at World of Color. This show is amazing every time and was the ideal ending to our week!


World of Color. We missed Allyson and Lori who had early flights to catch! It was hard saying goodbye to all our friends after such a wonderful week, but we are so grateful for each and every one who was part of this group and all the fun we had together! Special thanks to Tangie and Mindy for hosting another exceptional retreat, and thank you to all our students for being part of the magic! {February 2015 Registration will be opening very soon! We hope you can join us!}

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