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Have you ever noticed the windows while walking down Main Street?  These windows pay tribute to the important people in Disney history.

The tradition of receiving a Window was established by Walt Disney for the park.  He personally selected the names that would be revealed on opening day.  They were acknowledgments given to employees for their work on creating Disneyland.

Today, having a window on Main Street is one of the highest honors that can be achieved.  The fictional businesses listed on the Windows relate to their contribution to the Park or their personal hobby. According to Marty Sklar:

“To add a name today, there are three requirements: (1) Only on retirement (2) Only the highest level of service/respect/achievement (3) Agreement between top individual park management and Walt Disney Imagineering, which creates the design and copy concepts,”

Please take a walk down Main Street with us these next few months to discover the Windows on Main Street

Main Street Window No. 1

Old Settler’s

Gold Dredging

Ed Winger


Location:  Carnation Restaurant


Ed Winger was one of the Opening Day Cast Members of Disneyland.  He had several positions at Disneyland, but he ended his career as a Supervisor of the Paint Department and the Mill and Sign Shops.

The “Old Settler’s” line refers to the settler in front of the cabin on Tom Sawyer’s Island, which he was the model for.  “Gold Dredging” refers to one of his personal hobbies.

Sketch Prompts: 

  1. Sketch your favorite hobby
  2. Sketch Ed Winger’s window
  3. Create your own window, what would it say?