Golden Journal Making Class

$ 75.00

Before we can talk about the fun stuff, there are a few essential details for this class. Please make sure you read all the way through carefully before purchasing.

  1. This workshop is for personal use onlyPlease understand we are NOT teaching this, so you can make journals to sell in competition with us. If you purchase this workshop, you agree that you will not sell the journals you learn to make online as we do at These journals are one of the main ways we make a living as working artists. We decided to teach this class to our loyal customers and friends who have asked us so they can make their own for personal use or as gifts, but not to sell. Dave has worked extremely hard to develop a unique journal that is all his own style and techniques. We're giving you the "know-how" it will be up to you to make it in your own unique way and come up with your own idea should you choose to make journals professionally. Please do not purchase this class if you don't agree to these terms.
  2. You will get a PDF with a link to access the course at checkout.

★★Now for the fun part! ★★

Dave is thrilled to share his amazing "journal know-how" with you! He's been perfecting this process for years now and is ready to share all his secrets! Dave will take you step by step to make your very own Golden Book journal! All the videos for the class will be ready to go so that you can work at your own pace. 

There is an extensive tool list that we've prepared for you here so you can see what you need, but we also have a printable PDF version for you as a download after checkout. We have linked products when possible for your convenience; use at your discretion (some items may be available in a higher/lower quality or easier to find locally etc.). TIP: Right-click on a link and choose "open in a new window." 

If you don't want to make your own journals, you can purchase Dave's amazing journals at



Please email us if you have any questions about the supply list or the class. We'd be happy to help you! artjournalinthemagic at gmail dot com