A Walk in the Park Online Sketchbook Adventure & Tour {Self-Study}

$ 60.00

Everything is in the classroom and waiting for you to work at your own "self-study" pace. 

If you would LOVE to capture the magic of Disneyland but aren't heading there any time soon, we are thrilled to announce our newest workshop! This new class is a virtual online tour & sketchbook adventure encompassing the entire original Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. You start our magical adventure in front of the Disneyland Railroad, famous for the Mickey Mouse shaped flower garden. Then you will enter Main Street via the tunnel on the left, and go around the park visiting each attraction with journaling prompts, Disney history, art journal & sketchbook samples, ideas, our favorite attraction videos from YouTube, and so much more. I also share activities encouraging you to think about your dreams, goals and ideas for your life or business, these prompts are called "DREAMSPILLING". There is so much that can be learned, so many ways to be inspired by the original Disneyland Park that we can apply to our own lives to make our own dreams come true, just like Uncle Walt did.  

Whether you are a huge Disney fan, just want to learn more about travel sketching and watercolor, or you're on a mission to make your dreams come true, we're glad you are here and hope you'll join the adventure with us! The sign that hangs over the tunnels at Disneyland says it best: "Here you leave Today and enter the World of Tomorrow, Yesterday and Fantasy".

What You Should Expect with this Adventure:

  • Disney history, journal prompts, videos and samples for each of the 8 "lands"
  • Over 90 videos from Tangie, Dave & Sammy Baxter! The videos include basic watercolor methods, making a travel palette, start to finish sketchbook pages, "fast" working pages and so much more!
  • Techniques on how to move past that "blank page fear" and get started!
  • Learn to work faster and let go of perfectionism and self-doubt in your artwork
  • How to approach drawing from photographs, including Instagram and Google searches
  • Tips & tricks on simplifying complex scenes into easier to manage shapes and colors
  • Downloads and digital goodies for you to print and use in your journals
  • PLUS! Three amazing guest teachers will each share a project with you (Mindy Lacefield, Artsavanna & Sparkly Nicole)

What You Should Know Before You Join:

  • You will get an email with a download link. Please download the PDF and follow the instructions.
  • This class is perfect for the novice (you do not need ANY prior drawing experience), right up to the most advanced sketchbook artist who wants to explore Disney in a whole new way.  
  • You will have lifetime access* to the class to work at your own pace. You can join at any time and still get ALL the content.

What Supplies You Will Need to Participate (More details will be included inside the classroom):

The class is included in our Ultimate Bundle package. If you love holidays at the parks, get the bundle now for amazing savings and even more art journaling magic and fun! 


*Lifetime Access=As long as Tangie is teaching online.