Art Journaling the Magic No. 10 Anaheim, California


 Art Journaling the Magic Sketch Class Disney World Tangie

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Walt Disney

I want to invite you to a retreat that focuses on the magic of Disney as a place born of determination and imagination. Many people have had huge dreams but Walt Disney took action and moved forward in his. We can learn many great lessons from the dreams he brought to life. Become a child again and enjoy Disney like you never have before, documenting the “magic”, art journaling style. Join me as we slow down, notice the small details and are swept up in the energy of innovation, invention and creativity. You may even find a huge boost of inspiration and encouragement to follow your own dreams.


The very basics of what we’ll be doing:

First, we'll get to know each other in our online classroom where you have access to watercolor and sketch lessons (you DON’T have to know how to draw right now, I promise!). Then we'll see you at our live workshop night (packed with demos and instruction) Monday, January 7th at a local hotel! We'll also have a few days of scheduled meetups at Disneyland in January to practice everything we've learned together as friends with our travel sized art journaling kits, focusing on the magic of the parks. We’ll also be collecting “collage fodder” (receipts, bags, tags, stickers, maps, and postcards…anything you want) to incorporate into our journals. We will show you quick and easy ways to make an art journal full of memories on the go that you can apply to any situation in your life.

Art Journaling the Magic Sketch Class Disney World Tangie

Dates for the workshop:

  • Immediate Access to the online classroom and learning area
  • January 7th, 2019 (Monday): Exclusive dinner & art party with Tangie and Brittney Leavitt (our guest teacher!) at a local restaurant [TBA]
  • January 8th-10th, 2019 (Tues-Thurs): Live Meetups at Disneyland and California Adventure in California
  • January 11th,2019 (Friday) Mid-morning journaling party meetup at California Adventure (the rest of the day is yours to play)
Art Journaling the Magic Live Art Retreat at Disneyland Resort in California 2017

This is a unique opportunity to share our love of art and/or Disney in a whole new way with like-minded people!

Art Journaling the Magic Sketch Class Disney World Tangie

Workshop (& Art Kit with Journal) $495* includes these magical adventures:


  • You get exclusive access to our before we go greenroom & classroom which also includes access to "A Walk in the Park" online class and "Explorations in Watercolor" online class ($96 Value!)

MONDAY: Meet the Artists--Dinner, Class & Art Party Celebration

  • Monday, January 7th from 5 PM-9 PM
  • Come hang out with Tangie & Brittney Leavitt as we dive right into the art the very first night! You can watch us work in our own journals and see how we create our magic inspired pages. Plus, we'll host live painting demos during the class that you won't see anywhere else! We'll also have practice pages, art challenges and of course, a delicious dinner included
  • You will receive an exclusive gift  from both Tangie & Brittney
  • We will have a Q&A time for you to ask Tangie any questions you would like about working as full-time artists, business, social media, teaching, workshops etc. You will even have the option to email your questions before we go!

Art Journaling the Magic Sketch Class Disney World Tangie

TUESDAY-FRIDAY: 4 Days of Art Journaling Meetups at the Parks*

  • Tuesday-Thursday during park hours,1 park per day [2 days at Disneyland, 1 day at California Adventure]
  • Friday-Mid-Morning-through Lunch Journaling Party in Carsland [The rest of the day is for you to sketch or play]
  • We are THRILLED to be able to spend time together at "The Happiest Place on Earthwith YOU at our meetups! Come hang out at the parks while we all share our favorite memories, tips, tricks, and attractions! We LOVE the parks and can't wait to see you there!
  • As a group of friends, we'll do sketchbook walks each day (these are not vigorous walks, and there will be benches along the way). It's a chance to put what we've learned into action.
  • We'll help answer your art-related questions and help you troubleshoot any issues you're having in your journals.
  • Let's talk about our dreams, goals, and ideas for life or business. Art has an amazing capacity to help us accomplish great things, share with us your thoughts and dreams, and we will cheer you on as you record some of these in your new journal.

*It is very important that you understand we are not selling a tour of any kind or access to any particular person. You are paying for the workshop dinner, access to the classroom, demos, challenge sheets, art kit with journal and more which are all delivered outside of the parks. Inside the parks, we are meeting with friends to practice our new skills and have an amazing time together. 

We love happy, positive students who understand that sometimes schedules need to be adjusted due to crowds, weather and group health. We love students that can make the most of such an amazing opportunity to be together. We are committed in every way to a workshop environment online and at our meetups that fosters kindness, respect, understanding, and is free from gossip and profanity. It's all about the incredible magic, and we want our students to have an amazing experience with amazing people! 

Art Journaling the Magic Sketch Class Disney World Tangie Urban Sketching
(actual kit may vary, it changes every retreat to bring you the latest and greatest)

Also includes these amazing goodies:

  • The official “Art Journaling the Magic” ultimate travel journal kit! It includes one of Dave’s hand-bound Golden Book Art journals which are made with 140 lb watercolor paper (your choice of cover!), your very own set of watercolors, black waterproof pens, a selection of Caran d’nache Neocolor II watercolor crayons, washi tape, glue stick and more! 
  • Online access to our retreat backstage "green room", exclusively for our registered attendees! It includes “before we go” information, FAQs, packing lists, challenges & page samples.
  • Exclusive 2019 “Art Journaling the Magic No. 10” zine style workbook printed in full color 

Please note that we anticipate selling out this workshop very quickly. We've also added a payment plan for this Disneyland retreat you can pay $125 now to secure your spot and 3 more $125 payments by November 1st, 2018, there is a $5.00 fee for this service--no reminders will be sent so it is your responsibility to make all the payments. (If you have a very specific need we can try to work with you, please email us). 

Art Journaling the Magic Sketch Class Disney World Tangie 


* Returning student? Make sure you check your email for your returning student discount! 


Are you local to the Disneyland area? This new option gives you your choice of one full day with us (Tues OR Thurs) and one party of your choice (Monday night art party or Friday day journal party). You *will* get a Golden Book Journal handmade just for you by Dave, but no basic art kit is provided. You will get access to the green room which contains a list of journaling supplies needed. If you have questions about this option please email Tangie at


Guest Teacher Art Journaling the Magic Brittney Leavitt

Hotel Information:

  • Hotel is not included. Please feel free to stay in any hotel of your choosing, there are so many great choices for every budget. If you need a recommendation or help finding a hotel we're just an email away 

Disney Tickets:

  • You are responsible for getting your own Disneyland park ticket. You need a 4 day 1 park per day ticket. We leave acquiring tickets up to you as you may want more days at Disney than we are planning (for example going to the park Sunday or Saturday). If you need help choosing a ticket that is best for the workshop please email us:

Art Journaling the Magic Live Art Retreat at Disneyland Resort in California 2017


You can email us your questions to and we'll be happy to help you within 24 hours Monday-Saturday.

Q: Should I come alone or bring my family?
A: We highly recommend you come alone. We have seen the huge difference in experiences between those that come with their families and those who come on this adventure by themselves (or with a friend). When you come with your family you are constantly being torn in two (wanting to be with the group & wanting to be with them). Of course, it can be done, but we want to give our honest opinion. We promise if you do come on your own you won't feel lonely or awkward! There are new friends to make and if you've never been to the park by yourself, you're actually missing out on a really neat experience. 

Q: I would like to find a roommate to share hotel expenses can you help me?
A: We can't guarantee to find you a roommate, but you will be able to post in the "backstage" area that you are looking for one! You can always let us know by email ( that you're looking for one as well; it may help us put you in contact with someone else that we may know is looking. We'll do what we can to help, but ultimately it will be up to you find/choose a roommate that will work for your situation. 

Q: I have health issues and I'm not sure I can keep up?
A: We understand and we want to assure you that we aren't doing the park in the "traditional" style of racing from one place to the next. This adventure is about slowing down and soaking up the magic of the parks. There are also breaks for free time so that you can rest all you need. (Or, if you are a "racer" you can race around all you want during free time.)

Q: I haven't been to the parks in years, are we going to visit all the attractions?
A: If you haven't been to the park in a really long time we highly suggest that you come a day early or plan on staying a day late if you can, this way you can make sure you see everything you want! We do visit some of the attractions as a group (and take sketchbook walks), but our main purpose is to journal and enjoy the park's magic. There is scheduled free time for you to visit your favorite attractions as well. (We usually go on Pirates, It's a Small World and watch some of the shows together as these are conducive to groups.)

Q: Are you going to be able to help me draw better, I have anxiety about my ability as an artist?
A: The answer to this one is tricky! We will be able to teach you how to conquer that blank page and get started, we'll also share tips and tricks with you on how we journal at the parks (and basic technique, of course). We'll also do our best to spark your imagination and get you excited to draw! However, there is a certain amount of practice required (it takes time to build your talents). Your pages will be AMAZING because you are a unique person, but they may not be what you consider "perfect" your first try. It's part "jump in and try" and part "jump in and keep trying" that really makes you a better artist. We have ALL levels of artists join us; from stick figures to full realistic portraits, everyone is welcome and we will do our best to help you with your specific needs/questions. The group is very supportive of each other and I am confident that those who "let go" and just enjoy the process instead of stressing about the results have the best time at these retreats!



We are not affiliated with nor endorsed by the Walt Disney Company. We are not selling tours, nor do we claim to have expert knowledge of the parks. We are artists sharing our love of the magic with fellow artists.