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Perfect to use as a Disney urban sketching, autograph book, art journal, scrapbook, junque journal and more!


Travel back to the days of your childhood with our unique, hand-sewn journal using Golden Book covers! The paper in this journal is 140 lb cold press watercolor paper (all of our paper is HAND TORN). Perfect for Art Journaling, sketching, pen & ink, or simply used as a diary.

This journal measures approximately 8″ tall, 6. 5″ wide, 1.25″ thick, made from a classic size Golden Book. It has 5 signatures with 12 pages each for a total of 60 pages (sides) not including the cover.

All of the Golden Books used for our journals are carefully taken apart. Each signature of blank watercolor paper is hand numbered and torn to fit inside the cover, then finally they are hand sewn using waxed polyester thread (longer life than linen thread!).

Because these Golden Books live the full circle of life (Manufacturer---> consumer---> consumer uses book until resold---> we buy again---> given a new life as a journal) you can expect some light wear and tear on the covers. This should be considered part of each of their unique character and story!

Want a Golden Book we don't have? We'll do our best to find it and order it for you. Please use the "Contact Us" page. (Additional fee may be required and will require additional working days while we wait for the shipment).

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