**NEW** Hand-Painted Postcard Subscription {Disney Inspired}

**NEW** Hand-Painted Postcard Subscription {Disney Inspired}

In this digital age it's an amazing thing to get "snail mail" that isn't "junk mail". We'd like to brighten your month by sending you a hand-painted, hand-written postcard!

Can't you just imagine opening your mailbox to handmade art sent with love and happiness?

Each postcard is drawn by Tangie or Dave and every single postcard is hand-painted by Tangie. We'll include a few lines or a current favorite quote on the back, hand address it to you and send it in a clear postcard mailing envelope.

Every step of the way we'll imbue your card with all the positive vibes and wonderful magic we can! Because we travel so much there is a good chance your postcard has already had a great adventure!

Please note that we will send one similar design to all our subscribers each month, each one will be similar but because each one is hand-painted yours will be 100% unique and made just for you! For example, if we send Elliot, everyone will get Elliot. 

Subscription spots are extremely limited so that we can give your postcard the TLC it deserves each month.

Once you sign up we will send your postcard within 4 business days, your subscription will continue until you cancel. You can cancel at anytime through your account, or by sending us a quick email: artjournalingthemagic@gmail.com.

Postcards may include sketches, single characters, scenes from movies or shows, inspired Disney word art and more.

We are not transferring any copyrights to you by sending you this original piece of art. ©Tangie & Dave Baxter 2017 and are for personal use only. This art should be considered "fan art" and we do not claim copyright for the characters themselves which all belong to Disney and their respective owners.

TIP! Create an account or login BEFORE trying to sign up for a subscription, it will make the process much smoother for you.